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Thoughts and ideas on .Net, Mobile and other interesting technologies.

Vehicle StampDuty calculator targeting WP, Android and iOS mobile devices using Xamarin unified api

I have redesigned my mobile app Australia Vehicle StampDuty calculator (originally developed using windows phone SDK) using Xamarin Unified API(C#). I have developed three mobile apps (WP, iOS and Android) with one code base and UI is common in all with some platform specific customizations. I have published WP and Android apps in...

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Using Cryptography in Portable Xamarin Forms (Windows Phone, Android and IOS)

Xamarin forms allow us to develop cross-platform (Windows Phone, Android and iOS) apps with a common UI project and with native look & feel. This common UI project can be a shared project or portable library. Shared projects are used when common code must be shared among all the platforms and if needed allows...

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Developing multi device hybrid apps using VS 2013/VS 2015 preview

Apache cordova is a framework used for developing hybrid apps and was a core part of phonegap. Microsoft added cordova support fromvisual studio 2013 update 3. The preview release of VS 2015 comes with cordova tools. *So what is a multi device hybrid app?. * Its a hybrid apptargeted for multiple devices (android,...

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ASP.Net Web API 2 controller custom content negotiation

By default, ASP.net web api 2 automaticallydelivers xml and json content types without any explicit serialization in controller with the help of content negotiation (conneg). For example if your controller defines a default Get method that returns some object, on client request this object may be returned as xml or json string...

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Web based Vehicle Stamp duty Calculator (MVC5+BootStrap)

I have developed a new responsive website(http://www.calc.net.au)using asp.net mvc5 and bootstrap for hosting web based tax tools such as vehicle stamp duty calculator. This website serves as a common place for all the types of AU tax calculators and their web API’s. It will host other...

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