Vehicle StampDuty calculator targeting WP, Android and iOS mobile devices using Xamarin unified api

I have redesigned my mobile app Australia Vehicle StampDuty calculator (originally developed using windows phone SDK) using Xamarin Unified API(C#). I have developed three mobile apps (WP, iOS and Android) with one code base and UI is common in all with some platform specific customizations. I have published WP and Android apps in the stores […]

Developing multi device hybrid apps using VS 2013/VS 2015 preview

Apache cordova is a framework used for developing hybrid apps and was a core part of phonegap. Microsoft added cordova support from  visual studio 2013 update 3. The preview release of VS 2015 comes with cordova tools. So what is a multi device hybrid app?. Its a hybrid app  targeted for multiple devices (android, windows […]

Web based Vehicle Stamp duty Calculator (MVC5+BootStrap)

I have developed a new responsive website(  using mvc5 and bootstrap for hosting web based tax tools such as vehicle stamp duty calculator. This website serves as a common place for all the types of AU tax calculators and their web API’s. It will host other calculators ASAP like mortgage calculator, property stamp duty […]

Windows phone 8 App vehicle stamp duty calculator

Today I have published my first app on Windows phone store, a comprehensive vehicle stamp duty calculator for calculating vehicle stamp duty rates for all the states in Australia. I think presently there’s no windows mobile app to do the same.  Access store app at Few screen shots below * Buttons colors are based […]

Extending MVC Ajax Form

In this post, I’ll explain and demonstrate how to extend MVC Ajax form helpers with the following functionality: Automatically create an ajax target element when no UpdateTargetId is provided. Auto-refresh a form after a period of time, say 1 minute. Here, I’ll assume that you have a basic understanding of how to work with MVC […]

Reading WinRT component embedded resource file in windows 8 store javascript app

A WinRT component can used to include some common code along with embedded resources that can be reused in store app irrespective of language in which it is developed like C#, JavaScript etc. In this article, I’ll explain how to read a WinRT component embedded resource file from JavaScript app. App reads content from embedded […]

Using SkipIf with Aspose words for .Net

Aspose words for .Net doesn’t support word field skipif to skip some merge fields between tablestart and tableend i,e skipping rows based on some condition. Here, I’ll explain how to include skipif common functionality  with custom merge field in the word document. The custom skipif merge field syntax should be as below skipif:tablename:condition   where condition […]