Using SkipIf with Aspose words for .Net

Aspose words for .Net doesn’t support word field skipif to skip some merge fields between tablestart and tableend i,e skipping rows based on some condition. Here, I’ll explain how to include skipif common functionality  with custom merge field in the word document. The custom skipif merge field syntax should be as below skipif:tablename:condition   where condition […]

Windows 8 store apps using async and await

Using async and await in windows 8 store apps bit tricky sometimes. Here I’m listing below some of the do’s and don’ts when working with async and await. 1) Always use void type for  top level async method. Don’t use return type Task for top level async method i,e. the method called by some app […]

URL Rewrite outbound rule examples

Here I’m providing short examples with ui rules only. I’ll assume you have some knowledge in URL Rewrite otherwise I’ll suggest you to read official documentation at I’m listing below some examples in the form of questions and how to solve them Outbound rules Note: in some of the outbound rules precondition responseHtml1 configured […]

MVC3 – Passing dynamic objects to views

In this post, I’ll explain how to pass a model with dynamic objects to a view. If you are new to C# 4 features like dynamic objects, ExpandoObject etc I suggest to visit below links to get familliar with the concepts. By using dynamic and ExpandoObject, you can pass a runtime object with […]

MVC3 Posting form data without refreshing a page

In this post, I’ll explain how to post form data without refreshing a page using JQuery ajax and JSON. Here, I assume a model is used to render form(form elements names same as model properties). **Step 1:** Define an action that takes Model as parameter and returns a json object along with attribute HttpPost(simple way) […]

Sharepoint 2010Dialogs

In Sharepoint, SP.UI script namespace provides required methods and classes for showing different types of dialogs. The following are the list of various dialog methods available under class ModalDialog 1) showModalDialog: To show a modal dialog with some options. SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog(options); 2) ShowPopupDialog : To show a modal dialog with an url and without any options. […]